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The legal process by which a deceased individualís estate is administered is known as probate. Probate covers the resolution of the deceasedís will, and the allocation of property and assets. As with any legal process, there are several technical aspects to probate that need to be taken into account; any creditors, for example, need to be notified. To ensure the smooth administration of the estate, it is advisable to seek professional, expert advice on all aspects of probate and the necessary processes involved.

An important part of probate is the valuation of all of the deceasedís stocks and shares, as the values of these assets need to be taken into account for purposes of tax, credit and asset distribution. Probate exists as a process to ensure that all beneficiaries and creditors have their legal entitlements met.

The process of stock and share valuation for probate can be a tedious, expensive and time-consuming one, providing unnecessary added stress to what is already a complicated and unpleasant process. As part of seeking professional advice to guide you through the probate process, it is advisable to seek expert help in the valuation of stocks and shares. Make sure that any probate valuation service you employ are fully compliant with all aspects of HM Revenue & Customs regulations, utilising full quarter-up and middle of marks checks on probate, as well as weekend valuation compliance for probate. It is also advisable to seek recommendations and look for companies with guaranteed confidentiality regarding all portfolio information.

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