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Share Valuations

Stockval was established in 1988. We are privately owned and not associated with any asset manager.

We specialise in providing detailed stock and share valuations for probate, SIPP, SSAS, and many others including trusts on the death of the life tenant and other purposes.

Our fast, efficient and cost effective share valuation service is available to accountants, banks, solicitors and stockbrokers - in fact any company which has to provide accurate historic data for its clients. We are also happy to deal with private clients.

We have more than four hundred regular clients, including many of the larger London and regional stockbrokers, asset managers, banks, solicitors and accountants. The country's leading registrar also refers private enquirers to us on a daily basis.

Our share valuation system helps with your compliance, being fully Inland Revenue Compliant. This includes for Probate and SIPP a fully automated quarter-up and middle of marks check, plus other fully compliant features.

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